Thassos Island is the most northerly of all the Greek Islands and can be found in the Aegean Sea nestled between the Halkidiki Peninsular and Kavala. Uniquely it is only 6 kilometres away from the nearest point of the mainland. Along with its stunning natural beauty this is one of the reasons for Thassos’s popularity. No lengthy ferry boat journeys, in fact you can reach Thassos in 35 minutes from the mainland port of Keramoti!

Thassos is almost circular and has a rugged beauty, with the Ipsarion Mountain range dominating the interior of the island. The mountains are covered in rich and dense forests, mainly pine but also plane and oak are dominant, there is even an ancient cedar forest. You will find mountain streams which cascade over waterfalls until ultimately reaching the sea and the wonderful beaches.

Potos is the most well-known tourist resort on Thassos on the south side of the island. It is an old fishermen settlement and serves as the port of the mountainous village of Theologos. In summer this village is transformed into a town and turns into a village in winter. It owes its growth to tourism, which is the main occupation of its residents. Very well run hotels, tavernas, restaurants, bars, markets, luna parks and shops compose the profile of Potos. People of all ages and nationalities enjoy the breezy summer nights, swaying to the rhythm of the music. Your vacations in Potos will be an unforgettable experience that is sure to bring you back for more.

Getting here

Thassos island is only accessible by ferry boat and has two ports, Skala Prinos and Limenas (Thassos Town) which are serviced from Kavala and Keramoti on the mainland.

From Kavala

The ferry from Kavala reaches Skala Prinos and the journey lasts for an hour and a quarter, with about 5 times a day in the summer. When you arrive at Skala Prinos you will drive by car or by bus to Potos, which is 28 km away. Turn right onto the ring road in Skala Prinos and continue to Prinos, Skala Sotiros, Skala Kallirachi, Skala María, Limenaria until you reach Potos. At the main crossroads, drive left to Theologos. Scandia Villas is 350 meters away on the right side of the road.

From Keramoti

From Keramoti port the ferry boat arrives at Limenas (Thassos Town), the capital of Thassos Island. The journey time is 35 minutes and there are regular sailings, normally every half an hour during the summer. From Limenas follow the signs from the ferry port for Astris and as above continue until you reach Potos.

By airplane

The closest airport to Thassos is Kavala Airport (Megas Alexandros Airport) which is close to Chrisoupolis just 17 km’s from the port of Keramoti. There is an all year round daily service to Athens and during the summer hosts charter flights from all over Europe.